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Adoption Attorney in Council Bluffs, Iowa


If you are considering adoption in Iowa, Jay W. Mez, Attorney at Law can help you. Jay W. Mez will guide you through every step of your Iowa adoption process, providing all of the legal services you need and referring you to any additional adoption professionals you may desire along the way. With the assistance of an attorney, Jay W. Mez, your Iowa domestic adoption process will be completed correctly and efficiently.   

Call to schedule a free consultation today to learn more about the Iowa adoption process if you are interested in a possible adoption to learn more about the process and requirements.  Everyone’s situation is different, and only an adoption attorney can provide an accurate understanding of what you will need to do to complete the adoption process. 

Adoptive Parents 

Iowa has three adoption processes available to them: private domestic infant adoption: foster care adoption and International adoption.  Parents may be required to work with additional professionals like professional adoption agencies in Iowa, depending on what form of adoption they choose. 

In general, a hopeful adoptive parent will need to take these steps to adopt a baby in Iowa: 

  1. Confirm that adoption is right for them and identify the best adoption process for their goals. 

  1. Choose an adoption agency or prepare for an independent adoption process. 

  1. Find an adoption opportunity 

  1. Complete pre-and post-adoption legal requirements. 

  1. Finalize the adoption in court with an Iowa adoption attorney. 

For Skilled Legal Guidance


Iowa Adoption Professionals 

No matter which side of the adoption process you are on, you will need experienced professionals to assist you through your adoption in Iowa. The professionals that are needed for your adoption will depend upon the path you take and your personal preferences. 

There are a few important professionals you may consider as you start your Iowa adoption process. 

Iowa Adoption Lawyer — Jay W. Mez 

Every prospective birth parent and adoptive parent will need the legal protection of an Iowa adoption attorney. There are many legal aspects involved in the process of adoption, and an adoption attorney will ensure that the adoption process is completed in a way that protects the rights of both prospective birth parents and adoptive parents. 

Attorney Jay W. Mez can serve as an adoption attorney in Iowa for adoptive parents, please contact the law offices today for a free consultation. 

Iowa Home Study Providers 

No matter which adoption process they pursue, prospective adoptive parents will need to complete an Iowa home studyto be approved for an adoption placement. This home study usually involves a trained social worker visiting a prospective family’s home to conduct in-person interviews with all household members. 

Attorney Jay W. Mez can always refer you to appropriate home study providers if you want to complete an Iowa adoption.  

Start Your Iowa Adoption Today 

Whether you are ready to start pursuing the Iowa adoption process or want to learn more about the steps involved, you can contact attorney Jay W. Mez for additional information. As your adoption attorney, he will help you adopt a child or place a child for adoption in Iowa through a domestic adoption process that is safe, legal, and positive. 

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